Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you sure I was the one who threw the ball to you?

This week we had P.E. - Sort of a highlight because it is normally one of the things that gets pushed aside when time gets busy. We were working on running and catching football drills and things were going great. Students would weave around obstacles and then turn and make a catch, (thrown by me) run the ball back and move to the next line. During the last round I was having students get a drink after their last turn and then line up. One student who is always helpful and never complains came up to me and said he thought that he hurt his hand on the last catch. I looked down and was pretty sure that his finger did not normally go in that direction. I wrote him a pass for the health office hoping that maybe it was just my imagination. Five minutes later I got a call requesting his items be brought to the office. After school I called home and spoke with his dad, sure enough the finger was broken he was already in a cast.

Usually I'm the one that gets hurt when we have P.E. Nick I am So Sorry. See you in class.

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