Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sad Day

So bummed that we had to come home from Outdoor Ed early. Major outbreak of some sort of stomach flu. Over fifty kids from the two schools sick or presenting systems. Some of the camp staff were also ill. Students were doing great, trails were awesome, really fun up until 7:00 this morning when the yogurt hit the fan (almost literally) So proud of our students they shinned in a major way. Lisa Leon from Olive and Dianna Moore from Crescent were amazing. They jumped into the infirmary and helped kids who were violently ill and needed comforting. They completely helped turn around an over whelmed camp staff.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Busy day, students were all over the mountain today. Were hiking a strenuous trail while others were playing games on fields. One group got a lesson on survival and go to make shelters. We saw playing with parachutes and then make some as they learned about wind currents. Don't worry no actually got jump off anything much to their disappointment. The most engaged grouped might have been the bridge making groups as tried to create bridges that could free stand and support weight. As they headed off tonight there was a little bit of homesickness, but they were putting on a good face, and very ready for bed.

Happ Trails

We had a great first day out on the trails. Students woke at 6:30 showered and prepared for the day. Students had the chance to write down the things they have enjoyed the most as well as any of their concerns. Fortunately the only concerns were not getting enough sleep due to some chatty room-mates.

After breakfast students went out on trails with teachers or instructors. Almost every group received a score of five, which is the highest you can receive. After lunch they went back to their cabins for a little down time. Next they are back on trails or making some crafts using recycled materials.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 1

Well we have survived the first day. Students went on an afternoon hike with their instructors, while teachers had a chance to learn the trails that they will be teaching. After dinner students started working on their skits for skit night and then either experienced a night hike or astronomy session. With the full moon flashlights were not needed; however that did not stop them from fighting the urge to turn them on over and over again. Fun night and a great start. They are now getting ready for bed, and looking forward to that 6:30 wake up. Check back tomorrow for another post.

Friday, October 7, 2011