Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Happ Trails

We had a great first day out on the trails. Students woke at 6:30 showered and prepared for the day. Students had the chance to write down the things they have enjoyed the most as well as any of their concerns. Fortunately the only concerns were not getting enough sleep due to some chatty room-mates.

After breakfast students went out on trails with teachers or instructors. Almost every group received a score of five, which is the highest you can receive. After lunch they went back to their cabins for a little down time. Next they are back on trails or making some crafts using recycled materials.


Dionne Gonzalez Technology Fundraiser said...

Thanks for the update Mr. K. I haven't seen Amaya yet. I know she is having fun. Sound like they have been pretty busy. Tell her mom and dad say "Hi".

Thanks, Dionne

Reynamz said...

Hi.... This is Armando's mom and dad. Sounds like he is having a great time.Thanks for updaing us on how they are doing and for the great pictures. We all miss you Armando and specially Adrian!Have a great rest of the week