Sunday, August 16, 2009

CST Scores and Count downs

CST Scores
Well I finally got my student's scores from last April Standardized Testing. Over all we went up 194 points in Language Arts and 145 in Math. There were several students who amazed me with the jumps that they made. There were a few that stayed close to where they were. There were also students who prove the rule that you must be careful how much emphasis that you put on these tests. I know of a few students who have a great work ethic, but have a difficult time when it comes to standardized tests. I feel for those students because in some cases they may not get into the honors classes in Jr. High.


School starts on Thursday, I am looking forward to meeting my new students. As usual I really miss my students from last year, and I will probably will feel the same way next year. (At least I hope so)

Monday will be my big room push, any former students are welcome to come by and help out. Looking forward to getting the theme for August and September up and running. There is an excitement in the air this time of year that sort of kicks automatically as the first day of school draws near.

There were several times this summer when I was able get thoughts down on paper and I can't wait to see them come full cycle to lessons in practice. I also brought in a professional, aka mom at 73 she can out work just about anyone I know.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.

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