Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday at Outdoor Ed

This morning, the students were divided into three different hiking groups. One group hiked the ecology trail, one group hiked the wildlife trail (taught by Mr. K), and one group hiked the geology trail (taught by Miss Leon). It's great when the classroom is outdoors. There are so many opportunities for hands on learning on these trails.

The (hugely popular) afternoon activities were: studying flight (by testing paper airplanes and homemade rockets), art projects, and survival tips. Your child participated in one of these three activities this afternoon.

Tonight will be round 2 of astronomy, and we will have the opportunity to do a night hike.

Everyone is doing really well!

Check back tomorrow..

p.s. Cell service is very inconsistent. We update the cell phone message when we can. The last update was today (Tues) around 4:45 p.m.

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tariez said...

Thank you Mr k for the pic & updating info.

Mrs Bahbah