Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outdoor Ed Day 2

Monday night ended with students getting to look at Jupiter and her moons. Many were amazed to see so many stars. It was great to hear of the mysterious noises that were coming from the bushes. (Don't tell them it was me)
Students were on the trails bright and early; again many saw dear on the meadow, and many pictures were taken. I was pleased to hear that most of our students received a rating of five (the highest) while on trail.

After lunch schools met with just their students to hear some of the highlights and concerns. Overwhelmingly there were very few concerns. Food made just about everyone's list as a good thing.

This afternoon groups went on activity trails, where some learned about survival, or building shelters, others learned about optical illusions and the senses, and one group learned about art.

Some homesickness has been reported but it looks like they are hanging in there. I have tried to meet with those that I know of.

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tariez said...

Iam glad that evey body doing good and happy to see my kids pic george and grace say hi to them love u alot god bless u all.