Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday in England

This morning I woke up wanting to go for a run. I had missed the last 2 days due to Christmas and Christmas Eve. I was planning on going around 10 miles. Everything was going well, I ran down to Big Ben, over to Buckingham Palace, up to Trafalgar Square, then headed east on The Strand. I made it to the London Bridge and crossed back over on to the South bank side. At some point I took an un-noticed detour or a "Diversion" as they say here. The next thing I knew I was 2 miles south of where I wanted to be. I was determined not to back track, so I pressed on not knowing that I had now overshot my landing by 2 miles. Finally I popped up on Waterloo street a mile south of the Thames River, I quickly dropped down and was on familiar ground. My legs felt like cement when I finally arrived back at the hotel. 15 MILES and change

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